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Wynand Meyjes
Jeanine de Villiers
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star rating  Good location. Close enough to all beach activities yet far enough for peace and tranquillity. Beautifull brand new pool with entertainment area. Stunning views of the ocean. Walking distance to... read more

avatar thumb stefangM9844SR
January 6, 2023

star rating  Absolutely loved our stay at Guinjane Lodge. Antonio the lodge manager was absolutely amazing. Always willing to help and always accommodating. Chalet well kept and resort very neat and tidy.... read more

January 11, 2021

star rating  We booked well in advance. Covid was not on the horizon. Then it was after we paid for a four bedroomed place our deposit.
This was the wrong amount,... read more

Piet S
January 5, 2021

star rating  The location is about 25km to Inhambane city.
You need a Off Road vehicle for the last 2km
The is simple beauty and natural.
The blue ocean is a... read more

September 28, 2020

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Mozambique Lodges guinjane

Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge is known as one of the most unique Mozambique Accommodation options around, situated at the beautiful sandy white beaches and clear blue sea of Guinjata Bay, 30km South of Inhambane, Mozambique. Our Lodge is known as the Jewel of Inhambane Mozambique Lodges due to its excellent beach location, superior accommodation, and warm hospitality. Boasting twelve, 2-bedroom units, three, 3-bedroom units and five, 5-bedroom units – fully equipped with everything you need to have the holiday of a life-time.

The ideal location of Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge (Guinjata Bay) guarantees visitors an unforgettable holiday filled with relaxation and winding down from the everyday buzz of the busy city. Feel the sand in between your toes and the hot Mozambique sun on your back while taking a stroll down to the tranquil blue waters of the “Inhambane Jewel” known as Guinjata Bay. For those that don’t enjoy lounging around or taking a long walk on one of the best Mozambique beaches with a cold beer or cocktail, our lodge offers various Mozambique holiday activities in the surrounding areas to keep you and your loved ones busy for days on end. Some of which include deep-sea angling, rock and surf fishing, fly-fishing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving at world-renowned reefs including the famous Manta Reef, Mozambique.

All our Mozambique accommodation units come with your everyday essentials such as linen, cutlery, crockery, fridge, deep freeze, kettle, gas stove and gas geyser. All units are equipped with ceiling fans and mosquito nets, although we advise guests to bring their own mosquito repellent. We also provide boat bays and washing facilities for all the guests with boats. Please note that Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge does not provide towels and all visitors should supply their own.

It is our priority here at Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge to keep all our guests safe; therefore, all our self-catering accommodation in Mozambique has 24-hour security ensuring your safety on our premises.

Our Lodge is located 660 kilometers from Mbombela, 970 kilometers from Pretoria and 480km North of Maputo. The road leading up to the lodge is a dirt road and is accessible by vehicles with a 2×4 diff lock configuration or a 4×4 vehicle, both with well-deflated tyres. Although this seems like quite some distance to travel, Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge can ensure all our guests a memorable holiday.

Our goal here at Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge is for our guests to have the best holiday possible; All our guests have the freedom to plan and tailor their holiday according to their needs with our friendly team always readily available to assist. Read more on our Mozambique Travel Blog.

Mozambique Accommodation and Lodges: How to choose a place to stay when you are not a local

Mozambique accommodation offers you a paradise escape whenever the world gets a little too stressful. Whether you are planning your annual family fun getaway or if you are looking to plan a quick fishing adventure, knowing how to find and plan your stay at the best Mozambique accommodation is of utmost importance.

At Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge in Mozambique, we have done our best to make sure that our guests get to enjoy the best accommodation that Mozambique has to offer. Our lodge is completely self-catered and you will have access to all of the cooking utensils and cutlery needed to prepare your meals. We have strived to make sure that your stay with us is one that you will never forget.

As the Jewel of Inhambane, Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge has fast become the preferred place to stay for anyone looking for a great Mozambique lodge.

For the most part, Guinjane accommodates South Africans looking for that beach holiday experience, without having to drive the many hours to reach one of South Africa’s often incredibly busy beaches. Guinjane’s location is idyllic in that the lodge is not based within a busy town and with its all year round great weather, you don’t just have to plan your holiday for the summer months.

Guinjane is also a fantastic option if you are looking to enjoy a few outdoor activities. Close to the lodge you can take part in scuba diving, swimming, snorkelling, fishing and plenty of lazy days on the beach, just soaking up that beautiful sunshine.

How to choose your Mozambique accommodation

When travelling from South Africa to Mozambique, especially if this is your very first time travelling in this uniquely African landscape, means having to properly plan your trip and your accommodation. Mozambique accommodation consists of some of the best upmarket lodges and hotels while it also has more than one self-catering lodge worthy of a luxury status.

As you plan your trip and try to determine which of the Mozambique lodges you want to stay in, there are many things that you will need to think about. With proper planning, you will be able to choose the kind of Mozambique accommodation that fits in perfectly with your budget while it will also suit your individual needs.

When you are planning your trip, the most important thing to think about is the type of accommodation best suited to your trip.

Think carefully about the type of Mozambique accommodation you want

With the sheer variety of Mozambique accommodation options, you will easily be able to figure out what kind of accommodation you want. Budget travellers can think about hostels and even couch surfing, although with either of these options, you are not going to have the freedom and the relaxation that you would have if you were to opt for a classic type of accommodation.

If you are not too fussy about where you stay and if you don’t mind getting a little rustic, and even sleeping outdoors, camping is always a great option. Mozambique has loads of camping spots, some of which are incredibly close to the beach. These kinds of accommodation facilities are almost always self-catered and because of their location, they can often be quite far away from towns and cities. On the plus side, when you are camping in this African nation, you can be sure that you are going to be quite safe.

The most popular type of accommodation in Mozambique has to be the self-catering option. Aside from camping, this accommodation can be set in rustic huts made out of wood, or in something a little more modern. The self-catering option is comfortable, affordable and it gives guests exactly what they would need in order to make the most of their stay. Self-catered accommodation also gives guests plenty of freedom to come and go as they please and to prepare their meals when they want to. Some facilities of this kind are even made to fall under the banner of luxury accommodation.

And then there are Mozambique lodges and hotels. These fantastic facilities can sometimes be self-catered but they often include meals or have an onsite restaurant. Many of the lodges and hotels are also often located in busy cities or holiday spots, where you can expect to mingle with plenty of other guests and perhaps even struggle to find a spot on the beach.

Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge is preferred for many reasons, and with our more secluded location as well as our affordable rates, you can book your dream Mozambique holiday today and treat yourself to a relaxing beach escape.

What sets Mozambique accommodation apart from accommodation in other African countries?

Mozambique is the dream holiday destination, the perfect place for families to go on a much-needed break, the ideal location for couples to go on a romantic trip, and it is even a great place to host a wedding (or have a honeymoon). Although it is not the only African country to sit along the warm, clear waters of the azure blue Indian Ocean, there is just something about Mozambique that makes it a one of a kind place.

Mozambique is multifaceted, the kind of country that has so many layers that need to be peeled back in order to get a full picture of just what makes the country such a special place to spend a holiday.

Along with the country being full of interesting landscapes and fascinating attractions, it is also home to some of the best accommodation. Mozambique accommodation adds a certain vibe to any holiday, but it can be difficult to select the right kind of accommodation, especially since not all Mozambique accommodation is what it appears or is even properly advertised. In many ways, accommodation in Mozambique stands in stark contrast to the other types of accommodation on the continent, and in doing so has taken on its very own personality.

The Full African Experience

Whether you are looking for that more cosmopolitan holiday, complete with fine restaurant dining and nights spent dancing in a fancy club, or if what you really want is time well-away from the noise of the everyday world, with days spent enjoying the sunshine and exploring the beach and sand dunes, Mozambique is so diverse that you can create any experience you like.

For the most part, those visiting Mozambique want accommodation that specifically fits in with the kind of holiday they envision having. While there is a lot of accommodation in the more urban areas, it is the accommodation in the rural areas that really steals the show and which can give guests that authentic Africa experience they have come to Mozambique to enjoy.

Accommodation in out of reach destinations is built to be more in touch with nature. From the exceptional views that these places have for guests to enjoy to the eco-friendly approach used to create the accommodation, when guests choose to stay in a more rustic type of setting, a lot of the emphasis is going to be on the giving guests a holiday that is true to the African aesthetic.

The Popularity of Self-Catered Accommodation in Mozambique

One of the most popular types of accommodation in the country, and something you can find at Golden Palms Beach Resort, is the self-catered accommodation. This accommodation comes in two different types. It can be rustic and rough, or it can be luxurious and comfortable. Quite obviously, the two different types are available at two different prices, and they will also suit two different types of travellers.

The more rustic accommodation will generally only have the accommodation, and you will have to bring along everything necessary for cooking your meals, and in some cases you might even need to bring along things like your towels and your bedding. The more luxurious self-catered accommodation will include the crockery and cutlery as well as whatever you will need for your bed and bathroom.

Because most of the country’s popular attractions and famous destinations are in far flung areas, self-catered accommodation has become the norm because these sorts of areas are often so remote that there are no shops for miles around and such lodges are also often built to be self-sustaining in terms of their water and energy.

These sorts of accommodation facilities are usually preferred by the adventurers who want that wild holiday and for those who don’t want this kind holiday, there are plenty of other, more traveller friendly accommodation options available, including the self-catered accommodation at Golden Palms Resort.

The reason why self-catered accommodation is the most popular type of accommodation for all sorts of travellers has a lot do with the fact that this accommodation offers guests a lot more freedom as well as the privacy they might be looking for. It also plays into the whole laidback, beach holiday aesthetic that many have come to expect from a trip to a country that is rustic and known for its more rural feel.

How is Golden Palms Beach Resort Different to other types of Accommodation in Mozambique

Built into the natural curve of the beautiful Guinjata Bay, and home to all sorts of fun outdoor activities and the best self-catered accommodation, Golden Palms Beach Resort is the perfect place to enjoy a holiday in Mozambique, whether you are looking for a family holiday away or if you are looking for a place to have a romantic retreat.

Guinjata Bay is one of the most picturesque spots to stay in. Close to Inhambane, the resort is remote enough to provide guests with that really authentic African holiday, in self-catered accommodation, but close enough to not be considered completely out of the way. This allows guests the freedom to be in full control over how they experience their holiday, while also not feeling as though they are not going to be able to get to a shop should they need to.

While many other types of Mozambique accommodation include activities that go beyond the ocean sports, at Golden Palms Beach Resort, diving (we are situated close to Manta Reef, one of the top 10 places to go diving), fishing (rock, surf and fly fishing), and spending time enjoying the sea views are all the main focus of attention. Guests who want to make the most of their time at the ocean will find that Golden Palms Beach Resort is the perfect destination.

And above all else, Golden Palms Beach Resort can guarantee a completely private experience, in comfortable lodgings which include everything you need to prepare meals.

Throughout the year, the resort offers guests various specials on accommodation.

  • What location is best to stay in Mozambique?

Mozambique is one of the most beautiful, tropical destinations in Africa and some of the best accommodation is in the south, where the country is more modern and the accommodation and facilities far less rustic. To avoid the hustle and bustle of Maputo and other over popular destinations, Guinjata Bay is always a great option.

  • How can I find Mozambique Accommodation?

The best place to find the Mozambique accommodation is to have a look online. All of the finest and most reputable lodges and hotels in the country will either have a website or they will be listed on a relevant accommodation booking website.

  • What types of Mozambique Accommodation are there?

Mozambique has all types of accommodation, from the more affordable and laidback option of staying in a comfortable and cosy self-catered facility, to the upmarket and far more luxurious option of classy beachside hotels and lodges, no matter what you hope to get from your holiday, you will be able to find it here.

  • How much does it cost to stay in Mozambique?

For the person travelling to the country from overseas, the costs are extremely budget friendly, even if you are looking at luxury accommodation, due to the exchange rates being so favourable.

  • What is the average cost of a hotel in Mozambique?

The average cost of a hotel in Mozambique is around R1500 (roughly 90 USD) a night. This is the cost related to the more average places to stay. For the more luxury accommodation, costs can go as high as R25 000 (roughly 1500 USD) a night.

  • How safe is Mozambique accommodation?

Mozambique overall is a relatively safe place to visit, but like anywhere in the world it is always advisable to keep your doors and windows locked whenever you are out of your accommodation.

  • What can tourists expect from self-catering Mozambique accommodation?

When it comes to self-catering accommodation, you can expect to have a kitchen, generally fully equipped with everything needed to cook a meal and clean up afterwards), and a dining table and chairs.  There is really no need to bring all your groceries on your holiday as in the past. There is a selection of shops to choose from to cater for your needs. Be sure to check the shop might stock all you need before heading over the border. The shops include Loja da Tashi (Massavana), Fernando’s (Massavana) and Yum Yum (in the Tofo Area). For more information click here 

  • What is included in Mozambique accommodation packages?

Usually the accommodation that you choose will have its own list of things included in the package. Generally, you can expect things like 24 hour security and if you are choosing self-catered accommodation, you can expect to have everything you would need to prepare meals.

  • What are the advantages of staying in self-catered Mozambique accommodation?

Being able to choose the food you eat while also having more freedom with your time is just two of the advantages that you can enjoy when staying in self-catered Mozambique accommodation. Generally, this type of accommodation is also a lot cheaper than the alternative options and offer a more authentic experience.

  • How can you cancel your Mozambique accommodation?

The best way to cancel your accommodation would be to directly contact the place where you have made your booking and to inform them that you will no longer be needing your room. Keep in mind that some accommodation facilities will either request a cancellation fee or they could hold onto your deposit.

  • Does accommodation come with internet connectivity?

Mozambique is a remote destination, so internet connectivity is not always a given. The best thing that you can do is to ask the accommodation you are looking at what their internet connectivity status is before you make a booking.

  • Can I drink tap water at my accommodation in Mozambique?

When at your Mozambique accommodation, it is best to stick to bottled water unless the lodge explicitly states that they have safe to drink tap water.

  • Is it expensive in Mozambique?

Not at all, Mozambique is one of the most affordable destinations, and the accommodation is incredibly budget friendly, even if you are choosing to stay at a more luxurious place.

  • How do I find deals on accommodation in Mozambique?

The best place to find deals on Mozambique accommodation is to check online, by Googling “Mozambique accommodation deals (or specials)”. This should present you with a range of options that should include some of the best deals currently available. You can also find deals on travel groups on social media, or on travel booking websites.

  • What should I expect from my accommodation in Mozambique?

It all depends on the type of accommodation you have chosen. For self-catered accommodation or accommodation on the lower price spectrum, you can expect something more rustic and informal, and if you’ve gone for something a little more upper crust, you can expect that 5 star luxury treatment.

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