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General Information and Lodge Rules

Accommodation Units2018-12-10T12:16:55+00:00

The units are fully equipped except for your own towels and toiletries.  You may bring the following items for your own comfort and convenience:

  •  Braaigrid.
  •  Potjie for potjiekos.
  •  A small gas bottle with own regulator as a back-up if we may experience a shortage of gas supply from the supplier in Inhambane.


Our Water2018-12-10T07:43:18+00:00

Our borehole water was tested and is drinkable.  Please use our water sparingly.

Vehicle Requirements2018-12-10T07:40:33+00:00

A 4×4 or 2×4 with a diff lock vehicle is needed to reach the lodge.
Deflate your tyre pressure to 1 bar (one) at the filling station at Masavane (4km before the lodge)

Key Return2018-09-20T14:40:25+00:00

Upon departure please leave the key inside the unit & lock the unit. We will do an inventory check & the refundable key deposit will be reimbursed subject to damages/breakages.

Inventory Check2018-09-20T14:40:44+00:00

An inventory check has been done prior to your arrival, it is your responsibility to please check the inventory upon arrival and report any damages/breakages to reception immediately.


The closest evacuation area is the entrance/exit gate area where you should congregate and a staff member will advise you of further instructions.

In Case of a Fire2018-12-10T07:30:24+00:00

A fire extinguisher and fire blanket is available in the unit. Please report any fire in the lodge to the reception immediately!

Designated Braai Areas2018-09-20T14:36:56+00:00

Please use the designated braai area behind the unit. No firewood allowed, only charcoal. No candles allowed. The units have lanterns in the unfortunate event of a power failure. This is a fire hazard area and extra precautions are necessary, please respect this.

Music Regulations2018-09-20T14:36:07+00:00

No loud music on the beach or built up areas, reduce all noise levels to a minimum after 21:00.


No pets allowed.


Every coconut tree and coconut has an owner, even the ones on the ground, please do not take any and respect our local population and their farmlands.

Boat Washing Area2018-09-20T14:35:07+00:00

Washing of boats and vehicles only allowed at the demarcated area on the beach.

Male Servants2018-09-20T14:32:31+00:00

For security reasons, please do not employ a local person. Contact reception should you require a male servant. We have dedicated male servants we make use of with a strict payment system. Please do not pay the servants directly.

Fish Cleaning2018-09-20T14:31:54+00:00

All fish to be cleaned at the area provided on the beach and not in the lodge.

Speed Regulations2018-12-10T07:00:08+00:00

No speeding & tyre pressures should be deflated to 1.0 bar.

Spear Fishing2020-09-15T13:18:55+00:00

Spear fishing with scuba gear is strictly forbidden and spear fishing or fishing of reef fish will be subject to fines of up to 10 000 MTN.

Scuba Divers with own Transport2018-09-20T14:28:46+00:00

Scuba divers operating their own boats are obliged to obtain a diving license.

Jet Ski’s2018-09-20T14:26:54+00:00

Launching and operating Jet Skis are subject to launching fees and restricted to the area indicated on the North beach.

Launching and beaching of boats2018-09-20T14:28:56+00:00

Only allowed in the demarcated area and no swimming/snorkeling allowed in this area.

Speed Limit2020-09-15T13:21:22+00:00

Speed limits strictly 10KPH and no driving of vehicles without a valid driver’s license allowed.

Quad Bike Rules2020-02-27T08:31:16+00:00

No quad bike or motorcycles allowed.

Maritime jurisdiction2018-09-20T14:23:59+00:00

No motor bikes, quad bikes, aircraft (micro-lites) allowed in Maritime jurisdiction areas.

Designated Driving Area2018-12-10T06:57:05+00:00

Driving on the beach outside demarcated areas is strictly forbidden and subject to fines.

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