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A Mozambique Lodge, set in Beautiful Guinjata Bay

The warm Mozambique coast is beckoning.

With its incredibly laid back vibe, its welcoming people, and its stunning lodges, this is one destination that should rank high up on your bucket list. Mozambique has for a long time been that off the beaten track retreat, but these days, with Mozambique developing its very own, unique tourism sector, this is a nation that is no longer just for that intrepid traveller looking for adventure.

For those wanting that once in a lifetime holiday, or for anyone wanting to have their very own regular vacation destination, Mozambique is a mysterious place that is easy to fall in love with.

The turquoise waters, filled with a vibrant and eccentric tropical aquatic life, shimmering sandy white beaches perfect for a laidback lazy afternoon, and an energetic selection of coastal sports to indulge in, Mozambique is one of those countries that could easily be classified as an island if it weren’t attached to the continent.

In many ways, Mozambique can be seen as two separate countries. The south is developed and home to colonial style buildings as well as modern infrastructure, while a drive into the northern territories gives way to bush and rugged landscapes, rural villages and indigenous untouched coastlines.

Mozambique is, for the first time traveller, a surreal place with a personality and culture that might at first seem rather outlandish. But once you get into the swing of things and you make peace with the fact that this is not the sort of country where anything is rushed, you will find that you couldn’t have chosen a better holiday destination to unwind in.

Mozambique Lodges

The Mozambique lodge comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are large and cater to the bigger tourist crowds, the kind who are travelling in groups and on a budget, while others are ultra-exclusive and have been built in old colonial beach front villas, offering a more secluded experience.

And then there is the self-catered options, which are also divided into specific categories.

You have the self-catered Mozambique lodge which consists solely of camping in a very rough and rugged sort of way, and then you get the self-catered option that is a lot more comfortable, with proper rooms and onsite activities.

At Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge , we are the more luxury type of self-catered retreat. We have stylish rooms that look out over the beautiful bay of Guinjata and the ocean is a short walk away from the lodge. At our Mozambique lodge we offer a wide variety of both active outdoor sport activities as well as all of the lazy day things.

As with any sort of holiday trip, planning your accommodation is going to be high up on your list of priorities. For the most part Mozambique lodges are more or less the same in terms of location and, when looking for accommodation in a specific category, you can expect to find similar sorts of lodges. For the most part, these lodges are created in such a way that they maximise that feel good Mozambique holiday experience and, naturally, that means a lot of emphasis is on giving guests the best beach getaway.

Choosing your Mozambique Lodge

The options for Mozambique lodges is nearly endless. And so, when choosing the place in which you’d like to stay, you need to be able to shift through the various types of accommodation to find that perfect Mozambique lodge.

First, you need to have a realistic idea about what it is that you expect from your Mozambique holiday. Aside from looking at the basics, like the type of room, the amenities, and the area in which your lodge is located, you should also think about the distance the lodge is from the beach as well as how far up the coastline the lodge is located.

Given that Mozambique is a vast country with an incredibly long coastline, some lodges are quite a drive away from the main entry points of country, which is either the South African border or the capital city of Maputo.

Having to drive a long way up the coast is often not ideal because it will cut into your holiday time, as some places are as far as a week’s drive away. One of the great things about choosing a lodge that is either to the north or more to the middle of the country is that they are a lot closer to various interesting attractions which are just waiting to be discovered, if you are willing and able to make the trip north.

Lodges that are further south are the ideal but not always the best option, if avoiding the tourist crowd is a priority. Southern lodges are not without their interesting things to do and see, so you won’t miss out on anything if visiting a few attractions is high up on your travel agenda.

A Stay at Guinjane

Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge offers superb accommodation in 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 5 bedroom units, and has become the number 1 place for visiting families as well as visiting groups of friends. We are also the ideal retreat for couples looking for a romantic break.

At our lodge, guests can look forward to a self-catered stay, and one that will include days spent fishing, snorkelling and doing all sorts of other water sports. Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge offers guests a truly unforgettable holiday, and as we are set in the enigmatic setting of a sparkling bay, guests are but a short walk from the beach.

When you are making your Mozambique lodge selection, be sure to make Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge your preferred place to stay. We have everything you could want from your Mozambique accommodation, and whether you make your booking for the high season or the off season, you can look forward to a truly wonderful stay.

For more information about what to expect from a stay with us and to help you make your holiday accommodation decision, you can either get in touch with us or you can have a look at the rest of our website.

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