Guinjata Bay: #1 Of The Best Fishing Spots in Mozambique

Guinjata Bay, which is home to Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge is known as one of the best fishing spots in Mozambique. Not only is our Lodge situated along an exquisitely beautiful coastline, but in our waters you can catch some of the most sought-after fish species in Mozambique. Whether its deep sea fishing your are looking for or good old angling, Guinjata is a great place to cast off on adventure.

The ideal combination for anglers includes the beach bars, restaurants, and of course a good old braai! Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge offers upmarket yet affordable self-catering accommodation with built in braai areas in the hub of the vibe with beautiful sea view units! Finish off the successful day of fishing with a 2M in one hand and braai tongs in the other sharing the day’s excitement on the boat and the events that took place and of course, the big catch or hopefully a few!

Fishing is one of the most thrilling, and relaxing, things that you can do when you are visiting the pristine Mozambique coastline. With a number of great places to sink a line, when you are staying at Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge , we recommend that you bring along your bait and tackle.

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Fishing in Mozambique

It is no secret that Mozambique has gained a fantastic reputation for being one of the best places to go fishing in Africa. Along with the utter peace and quiet that Mozambique is well known for, this beach nation has a vast array of fish for anglers to try their luck at catching.

The types of fish in Mozambique range from massive tuna down to the smallest Mozambique tilapia. These fish make for the most delicious meals and you can even try your hand at making a traditional Mozambique fish stew.

Whether You spend a day at the beach or 2 weeks, and you are more than likely to walk away from the ocean with a wide range of fish species in your bucket.

Mozambique is fairly well known for having two types of fishing. Whether you are looking to challenge yourself with a spot of off shore deep sea fishing or if you are keen on embarking on something a little more laid back, like fishing from the beach or from a pier, you will find that both options are available, depending on where you will be staying.

Off shore deep sea fishing would require time booked with a Mozambique fishing charters company. These companies provide all-inclusive Mozambique fishing packages, including the use of their boats and they often also supply the fishing rods and the various other necessities, allowing you to have less to worry about when it comes to planning.

One of the greatest things about shore fishing in Mozambique is that you don’t need to be an expert angler to enjoy the experience. Mozambique caters to all levels of experience and when you are sharing the shore with other, perhaps more seasoned fishermen, you could pick up a few helpful tips from the pros.

The Fishing Bonanza

In 2023, Guinjane will be the host of the annual Fishing Bonanza. This fishing competition in 2023 is a fun way to get back into the waters and enjoy the great outdoors, all while taking part in the thrilling sport.

The Guinjane Sports Fishing Bonanza 2023 will take place in Guinjata Bay, close to Guinjane. In the bay you can pull out a wide range of delicious fish, including Amberjack, Cuta, Yellowfin, and so many more. These fish are easy to haul to the shore and will most certainly make for a wonderful meal. For more details about the Fishing Bonanza visit the Fishing Bonanza 2023 page.

And after the fun day out, you can return back to the peace and comfort of Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge . Our Mozambique accommodation is situated a stone’s throw from the beach, making us a one of a kind place to stay.

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