Best Self-Catering Moz Accommodation with Prices 2022 / 2023

Mozambique is Southern Africa’s very own slice of tropical paradise. It has the palm trees, the bright blue waters, the white sandy beaches, and the hot, lazy weather, and beyond that it is a nation of tradition, culture, and hospitality.

Guinjane Lodge Chalet Facing the Beach - Guinjane Lodge

There are plenty of reasons why a visit to Mozambique is up there on the must-go to travel lists, and when it comes to accommodation there are plenty of options that you will be presented with, especially if you are looking online for the “best self-catering Mozambique accommodation”.

The tourist business is thriving, and with it comes a lot of great travel options in the self-catering category. This is because self-catered travel is always more budget friendly, while it also gives travellers more freedom and independence with their time.

There are plenty best of accommodation lists available out there, but in our experience, these are the best self-catered accommodation options that you should explore.

  1. Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge
  2. Go Wild Beach Resort
  3. Xai Xai Eco Estate
  4. CasaCabana Beach
  5. KozMoz
  6. Joao’s Place
  7. Barefoot Baracca

What makes all of these accommodation options great is that per night each is under R3000 ($166 USD), even though some of these self-catered lodges are quite extravagant. All of the prices are based on an average, so keep in mind that what you see here might not be what you are quoted on when you make a booking.

1. Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge (R600 per night for 2 guests)

Just 30 km south of Inhambane, nestled alongside Guinjata Bay, Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge offers travellers luxury self-catered lodgings. Each of the units is fully serviced and each has everything you could need in order to prepare meals.
For those looking for a bit of an adventure, there are various activities to enjoy at the lodge including surf fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkelling.

2. Go Wild Beach Resort (R1350 per night)

Go Wild is based in Xai Xai, and it is one of the luxury self-catered accommodation options available. The resort looks out over the ocean and there is a restaurant and bar on site, should you prefer not to have to prepare your own meals.
Comprising of a number of houses, the resort is easily accessible and when you are not enjoying the natural lagoon and dunes, there are various other nearby attractions to explore, such as the Wenela Tidal Pool.

3. Xai Xai Eco Estate (R2000 per night)

An upmarket and rather exclusive place to stay, this estate is some 3 km outside of Praia da Xai Xai and features a series of luxury villas all of which sit atop a dune. The villas have their own private pools as well as air conditioning, and each unit has a kitchen.
Guests can look forward to some of the most amazing views and there are also a variety of activities to keep guests busy.

4. CasaCabana Beach (R1500 per night)

CasaCabana Beach has a certain romantic feel about it. The lodge is private and secluded, with the beach just a short walk away, and guests can choose from a variety of cabanas, including a self-catered one. The cabanas resemble all sorts of cultures, with each having a Brazilian style hammock while the overall look of the rooms having a certain Mexican flair.

5. KozMoz (R1120 per night)

Set right on the banks of the breathtakingly beautiful Barra Lagoon, KozMoz is the quirkily named self-catered accommodation that offers guests comfortable lodgings in Inhambane. The house is so close to the beach that you will fall asleep and wake up to the sound of gentle waves, and with a patio overlooking the ocean, there’s no better place to relax.
KozMoz sleeps 4 and while it has self-catering facilities, there is also a restaurant nearby if you prefer not to have to cook all of your meals.

6. Barefoot Baracca (R1400 per night)

Ponta do Ouro will always be popular, and as such it is home to some of the most comfortable lodgings including those found at Barefoot Baracca, a log cabin surrounded by nature. The cabin offers beautiful ocean views and a wide sunny deck, where you can spend your mornings and evenings just taking in the beauty.
As a self-catered facility, you will be provided with just about everything you could need in order to make your meals and to just be comfortable.

7. Joao’s Place (R830 per night)

Based in beautiful Bilene, Joao’s Place is a series of comfortable cottages surrounded by a peaceful green garden, with the beach just a short walk across the road.
There are a total of 5 chalets to choose from, and chalet 1, 2 and 3 share a communal kitchen while chalets 4 and 5 have their own kitchens.
No 4×4 vehicles are necessary to get here and fishing is the major attraction in the area.

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Whatever activity you are into, Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge , our beach resort situated in the lovely Guinjata Bay near Inhambame, offers all of the above and more. Take a look at our affordable options for self catering accommodation in Mozambique.