Guide to the Top 20 Places to Visit in Mozambique

Mozambique is an idyllic African holiday destination. It has those picturesque white sandy beaches, rustic appeal and so many attractions that it is easy to spend your days exploring everything it has to offer, from historical landmarks to unbelievable landscapes.

Mozambique has music, food and hospitality to delight the soul and relax the body. When you are looking for a destination unlike any other, and you have Mozambique in your sights, these are the Top 20 places to visit in Mozambique.

1. Bazaruto National Park

Bazaruto National Park is very well known for its incredible aquatic life and its exciting water sports. The park is comprised of numerous little islands, meaning there is plenty to see here even if you are not keen on taking a plunge into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

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2. Palace and Chapel of Sao Paulo

If you are an architecture fan a visit to the Palace and Chapel of Sao Paulo will be just the sort of adventure to excite you. What was the former home of the local governor is now a museum and it attracts a lot of attention for its ancient, eye catching design. This attraction was built in 1610 and gives a unique look into what upper class must have looked like at the time.

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3. Fort of Sao Sebastiao

The construction of this magnificent fort began in 1558 and it took 62 years to complete. After that, the fort was attacked by the British and the Dutch, while the Omani have also tried their best to demolish it. Today it is not in the best of shape but the views from the battlements are an unforgettable sight.

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4. Artes Maconde

Every traveller wants to take home a special keepsake from their trip and you’ll be able to find all sorts of local crafts when you shop at Artes Maconde which can be found at the Avani Pemba Beach Hotel on Pemba beach. All of the crafts are made from locally sourced materials to give them that truly Mozambican feel.

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5. Biques

If you are in the Beira area and feeling a bit peckish, stop by Biques for a delicious meal. They are popular for their pizza, club sandwiches and chocolate brownies. This is also the perfect place to watch the sun set.

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6. Tofo

A tropical paradise if ever there was, Tofo is every seaside holiday maker’s dream destination and it is easily accessible. The area is surrounded by sandy shores and beautiful palm trees. That, along with the turquoise waters, make it the perfect place to spend a day enjoying the sunshine and the warm ocean breeze. Tofo offers a number of activities to enjoy such as snorkelling, swimming and fishing, and the laidback vibe of the area makes it easy to fall in love with.

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7. Quirimbas National Park

Although Mozambique is best known for being a tropical beach destination, you have to remember that it is still in Africa. So if you are keen to have a safari adventure that will have you seeing all sorts of indigenous African wildlife, then this is the place to be! This park is located off the northern coast of Mozambique and is home to a few elephants, crocodiles, leopards, and lions.

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8. Maputo

It is the country’s capital city and it has a spectacular, bouncing vibe that can get really addictive. Along with the usual things you can expect to come across in a bustling city, you will get to see all sorts of Portuguese inspired architecture while mingling with the locals and trying out all of the culinary delicacies.

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9. Maputo Central Train Station

Of all the many attractions that you can visit while in Maputo, the Central Train Station is a must. The station not only gives visitors a unique look at how such stations are built, but it also features a museum showcasing the fascinating, long history of the station.

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10. Paroquia Santo Antonio

Also in Maputo is the Paroquia Santo Antonio, a beautiful old church that has recently been renovated. The church is a historical site. It was designed by Cavrerio Nuno Lopes and built in the early 1960s. Some say that it is too futuristic but it does display hints of design elements that are inspired by Latin roots.

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11. Mercada Central de Maputo

If you are looking for a real local experience, a visit to this local market should do the trick. At Mercada Central de Maputo, you can get your hands on all sorts of fresh local fruits and vegetables as well as fresh fish. On hot summer days the market is filled with an aromatic smell that is distinctly Mozambique.

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12. Lake Nissa

Lake Nissa is also known as Lake Malawi and it has some of the clearest waters and a few hidden beaches. For those not so keen on dipping into the ocean, Lake Nissa is a fantastic alternative. Here you can enjoy all the benefits of the ocean without having to deal with the sticky salt waters.

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13. Ilha de Mozambique

This is a coral island that many agree has been lost in time. Although part of Mozambique, it has its own unique culture and vibe. While here you can take in the beautiful architecture and the generally laidback atmosphere. The island was declared a World Heritage Site in 1992.

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14. Gorongosa

Gorongosa offers guests the best of both worlds; beautiful sandy beaches and enough wildlife to experience a real safari trip. The park is found at the southern end of the famous Great Rift Valley and it covers some 4000 square kilometres.

15. Machangulo

A spot well-known for its water sports, Machangulo is the place to go if you want to partake in surfing, scuba diving or snorkelling. If you are here between October and December, you can also do some whale watching, as these gentle creatures come quite close to the shoreline.

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16. Cascata

An 8km hike to the Cascata, a waterfall in the town of Gurue, is something that many an intrepid adventurer has done. It takes about a day to do, if you are not in a hurry, and while a guide isn’t necessary, along the way you will bump into local villagers as well as tea pickers, who will be able to give you directions if you get lost.

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17. Pomene Reserve

Mozambique takes conservation very seriously and Pomene Reserve is just another great example of the nation’s dedication to preserving wildlife and the biodiversity that Mozambique is famous for. Pomene Reserve is tiny by comparison but it has recently started enjoying renewed attention. Pomene has mangrove and dune forests and a rich marine life.

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18. Karibu

In Stone Town on Mozambique Island, you will find the quaint eatery known as Karibu. Serving up fresh tuna, lobster, marlin and prawns, all overseen by a Portuguese owner, Karibu is a wonderful place to sit down and indulge in an alfresco meal.

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19. Mt Namύli

If you are up for the challenge, a climb up Mt Namύli, which reaches some 2419m above sea level, will give you a beautiful view of the surrounding area. This mountain is also the source of the Malema and Licungo Rivers.

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20. Teatro Avenida

Maputo has its own theatre group known as Mutumbela Gogo. They perform plays in Portuguese which gives guests a real insight into Mozambican life.

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