Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge : Your 2014 Festive Season choice in accommodation in Mozambique

It is that time of year again. The festive season is peeking around the corner and the time for relaxation is almost here. But with the noise, the hustle and the bustle of the city feeling like it is closing in around you, you should be considering getting away from it all and enjoying some time in a paradise holiday place: Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge . Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge has the best and most affordable accommodation in Mozambique.

World class accommodation in Mozambique is hard to come by and finding affordable accommodation in one of the most beautiful places in the world is no easy task. We here at Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge make it our duty to ensure that our accommodation packages are made available for all income types.

Perhaps you are a family of 5, a party of 10 friends or a couple wanting to have a romantic holiday, Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge has the facilities to provide for your accommodation in Mozambique no matter what the occasion. All of the accommodation is self-catering so remember to bring food along and you will also need to bring your own towels. The rooms are rustic and open plan, giving you the feeling of freedom.  Don’t for a moment think that once you have explored all of the activities Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge has to offer you that you will be bored. Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge is outside of Inhambane, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mozambique.

History of Inhambane

The town is one of Mozambique’s oldest settlements with a history dating back to the 11th century. The town traded in cotton and was popular amongst the Muslim and Persian traders. On Vasco da Gama’s trip around Africa he stopped in the coastal town to resupply his ship and while there he fell in love with the town. He named it “Land of the Good People”. In 1534 the Portuguese set up a trading post in the town and it continued to grow.

Today this rustic, former colonial town is famous for its clear seas and pristine beaches, bringing flocks of tourists to the town every year. The last census count estimated Inhambane to have around 66 000 residents. Inhambane is around 470KM from Mozambique’s capital Maputo.


When planning your day’s adventures after arriving at Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge you should take the short 30KM drive to the historic town. You can not only take in the magnificent historical sites, but you can also stock up on any food or other supplies you might need. ÂÂ

With just over a month until the start of the festive season be sure to make Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge your first choice in accommodation in Mozambique. Book early to avoid disappointment.ÂÂ

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