How to plan a student holiday in Mozambique worthy of a lifetime of memories(+ Book your stay for Student Rush Mozambique)

Summer, sun, sea, and the best dang party of your life await you when you plan a student holiday in Mozambique.

The best Mozambique student accommodation is the type that takes you away from the responsibility and the stress of student life, leaving you to completely chill out under the lekker African sun.

Spending 7 days or more away from it all, having a booze up or just slothing it out on the beach is one way to say farewell to the year and to enter the new one ready to hit the ground running. When you plan a student holiday in Mozambique, you will remember it for the rest of your life, because this coastal country is a place like no other.

Your student holiday in Mozambique, whether it is at an awesome party like Student Rush Mozambique 2021, or just a few days spent kuiering and braaing on the beach with your choms, is going to take some planning, because there are so many amazing things you can do and so many more incredible places to stay.

So let this be your very own insider’s guide to seeing what sunny Mozambique can offer you, its not  a popular student holiday destination for nothing.

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Choosing your Mozambique Student Holiday Accommodation

Mozambique is one of those rustic places where you spend most days in board shorts and bikinis. There are plenty of Mozambique accommodation options available, and the best student holiday accommodation in Mozambique can be found on the beaches near Guinjata Bay.

This part of Mozambique is a total slice of paradise so worth a look at student holiday packages here.

The ocean waters are crystal clear and the beaches are a shimmering white. Dotted with rocks and palm trees, you will find it very tough to pull yourself away from the beach when there is just so much relaxation to enjoy.

While you might want that fully catered experience, when it comes to the best accommodation in Mozambique, often your options are limited to self-catering. Before you roll your eyes at the extra bit of work that will go into preparing your meals and do a little cleaning up, there is actually a huge plus to staying in self-catered student accommodation.

When preparing your own meals, you choose what you want to eat and when you want to eat. And since you are on holiday, now is the perfect opportunity to tuck into some greasy, guilt free food.

As for your sleeping place, the best accommodation in Mozambique will include simple but comfortable bedding and furniture. You can also look forward to privacy which will allow you to have more control over how you spend your student break. The lekker thing about booking student accommodation in Mozambique is that you will be booking your trip at the same time that other students are heading to the area. This means new friendships are on the cards!

If you were to go for the Student Rush 2021 type of holiday, you will be scoring all the way in terms of accommodation and having just the best time. The Student Rush Mozambique fest happens about every year, and with the various packages that have been made up by the team, you have various travel and accommodation choices to look through.

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Planning your Student Holiday in Mozambique

The package you choose will determine the kind of planning you will have to do. We know, we get it, planning is boring. But you are now an adult, so you don’t need your mother planning your party break do you?

With our quick and simple planning tips, you can get this painful part of your trip out of the way as fast as possible.

  1. Book now

Listen, life as a student can be tough and stressful, and after a year of hitting the books, you deserve to treat yourself to a proper beach break. But you are not the only student day dreaming about those final exams and the day when you finally have the freedom to do what you want.

Since there are many other students looking for a good time, and since Mozambique is such a stunning place for a student holiday, you should not drag your feet when it comes to making your booking, as you can easily miss out on the chance of a few days away. Book as soon as you know what days you have available, that way, you won’t have to worry about doing it later on in the year when you probably have exams on your mind.

  1. H20 is your bestie

Self-catering accommodation in Mozambique lets you plan what you eat and drink during your trip. Now, booze is likely to be high up on your shopping list, but even if you are planning the party of a lifetime, you should still think about somewhat healthy food and staying properly hydrated. Being hung over because you didn’t get enough water is definitely going to ruin the party vibes, so stock up on that H2O and think of it as an investment in your trip.

  1. Be safe, bring a party buddy

Even though Mozambique is like our friendliest neighbour, it helps to bring along a travel buddy. Or 6, it doesn’t matter, there is no limit on the number of people you can travel with. Each person in your group can look out for one another and make sure that you don’t get into any kind of mischief that you might end up regretting in the morning.

  1. Budget friendly

You’re having the time of your life, but your life will continue when the party is over, and you will need some cash. So when planning your holiday, make sure that your trip is within your budget so that the tears you have after your holiday are only spilled over the fact that the party has come to an end.

When booking student accommodation in Mozambique, opting for self-catering is a smart move because it is certainly the most budget friendly option you will find.

  1. Just be lekker and have fun

This is your Student holiday in Mozambique and since you are sharing your holiday with many others, even if it is just other people on the beach, it is worth making sure that you are lekker during your time in Moz! Have as much fun as you can fit in and hey ignore the haters, it’s party time!