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Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge is an upmarket self-catering lodge with mostly sea view units situated at Guinjata Bay, close to Jangamo Bay. Jeffs Palm Resort, Paindane, Pleasure Bay and Lighthouse Reef are a few of the resorts we surround ourselves with.

Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge ’s ideal location offers scuba divers direct access to world renownd reefs, which will leave the scuba diver in awe…

There are many scuba diving centres in the area of which a few include Guinjata Dive Centre, Paindane Dive Centre & Jeffs Dive Centre and you will with no doubt enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

At Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge we will gladly assist you with the necessary information and details to make your diving experience effortless and magical!

All the dive centres are very close to Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge with Guinjata Dive Centre almost on the premises so there is no need to worry that it will be an effort to arrange or reach. Leave these details to us and come and enjoy the luxury of a self-catering holiday with scuba diving breaks awaiting you on your doorstep!

The self-catering units are fully equipped with a fridge, freezer, cutlery, crockery, mosquito nets, gas geyer, gas stove, kettle, ceiling fans and top quality finishes include brick walls and fully tiled floors.

This self-catering lodge also offers 24h security and even though we still ask guests not to leave valuables lying around, we go as far as possible to make it a worry free destination!

For more information on the local and deep dive sites, please visit our website here and enjoy a lovely tour of an upmarket self-catering lodge offering unforgettable memories and listing unending activities!

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The Best Scuba Diving in Mozambique explored

When it comes to scuba diving, few countries can match the variety and scope of options in Mozambique and that is why Mozambique is a treat when you start looking for Mozambique diving packages online. There are so many types of diving options available, deep dives, open water dives, beginner to advanced and just too many ‘must see’ dive sites to tick off your list.

With the country being as long as it is, it’s not easy to do them all, so it’s best to choose a destination and zone in to that area. There are a few areas in Mozambique that are particularly popular with the diving crowd so here are the diving hotspot destinations to consider and some of the top diving sites around that you might want to book when you arrive at your Mozambique accommodation.

Diving Mozambique Self catering - Guinjane Lodge

Inhambane Diving & Tofo Diving

Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge is situated in this popular diving area near the legendary Manta Reef, which according to most diving enthusiasts is the one place where you can experience the most spectacular Manta Ray viewings on earth. The site is 18-30 m deep.  Three main feeding stations define this dive where you can position yourself for the Mantas that circle overhead. We provide Mozambique accommodation to diving enthusiasts year-round keen to experience this natural wonder.

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Other Top Diving sites near Inhambane, Mozambique

Although mesmerising Manta Reef may be the main reason many divers are heading to Inhambane and Tofo, the area is also packed with amazing dive sites so it really is a diver’s paradise. Nearby is Krakatoa which is 14-18m’s deep it is aptly named as the volcano shaped underwater formation allows you to dive inside its cone to explore the soft corals and animals that have created life on steep cliffs.

A little further upward along the coast is the dive site of Praia do Roche (5 – 18m deep). This ‘beach of rocks’ is covered in hard and soft corals and a treat to explore. Bring your camera!

Guinjata Bay Diving:

The list of other dive sites just near Guinjata Bay for example is enticingly quite long. Some local dive sites nearby include:

Reef, Paindane X-Press, Turtle Creek, Egypt, Hard Rock, Devils Peak, Caves, Pao, Batfish, Coral Gardens, Fishbowl.

Some deep see dive sites near Guinjata Bay include: Reef, Barnicle, KK Zee, Green Tree, Manta Canyon, X-Tacy, Pixies and Manta Pinnacles.

Explore scuba diving in Mozambique by booking your self-catering Mozambique Accommodation at Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge . View our units here.

Ponta do Ouro Diving

If you are heading to the most southern tip of Mozambique, the dive sites around Ponta do Ouro should be on your itinerary. Ponta do Ouro is only 15 km from the nearest South African border but recently a new road was completed making travel much more accessible.

Ponta do Ouro’s accommodation for divers is best accessed through the Kosi Bay border. The border is approximately 630km’s from Jo’burg and 460kms from Durban and is open 7 days a week 08:00 to 17:00. The new tarred road running down from Maputo to Kosi Bay border and linking with Ponta do Ouro is complete. The Maputo-Catembe suspension bridge is also open now making the drive down from Maputo much quicker than before (approx. 2 hours).

“If you are entering at Ressano Garcia border post you can also travel to Ponta do Ouro on tar via Boane and Bela Vista. Once you reach the beginning of Ponta do Ouro town where the informal market and Fernando’s are on your left, the new tar road ends. From that point on the roads are still mainly as they were – potholes and thick sand, for which a 4×4 would be required. A 2×4 SUV with good ground clearance can also access quite a large area of town.” SOURCE:

A great site to tick off your list is the ‘The Pinnacles’ which is situated 5km’s offshore. What makes this site a treat is the variety of shark species that are attracted to the shoals of game fish that populate the reef in the summer. An unpredictable current makes this a more challenging dive but well worth it especially with Tiger Shark, Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, Dusky and Bull Sharks dropping into the scene as you explore.

Pemba Bay Diving

Heading north in Mozambique all the way up to the port town of Pemba and Pemba Bay? Well, ‘The Gap’ will be the dive site you will want to visit.  Great coral reefs are close to shore, but to get to the ‘The Gap’ you will need to get on a boat and head out for a bit to reach this amazing 100m deep wall dive. The topographical structure is created by a continental shelf drop and many game fish can be viewed on this dive. Ideal for advanced divers looking for something unique.

Quirimbas Archipelago Diving

Experience the unexplored diving sites of the Quirimbas Archipelago or some of the most well-known, your choice. The island chain consisting of around 32 islands is part National Park, part rich-man’s playground and boasts mostly unexplored underwater terrain ideal for the adventurous diving enthusiast. In season you can even spot humpback whales passing through.

Matemo Island boasts shipwrecks offshore while Medjube features the well-finned ‘Cliffs of Insanity’ and ‘Lauras Leap’ flourishing with corals, ideal for advanced divers. Vamizi Island can apparently claim to be one of the best dives in Africa with Neptune’s Arm which features pinnacles, drop-offs and an array of wildlife.  Lastly is Ibo, the island that offers some beautiful open water diving options.