Best Self-Catering Moz Accommodation with Prices of 2023

The idyllic beach breakaway, the kind that is the perfect combination between sinking into holiday relaxation mode and exploring what this new and exciting destination you find yourself in has to offer, requires a very specific set of criteria. You need the typical sun, sand and sea, but you also want the kind of accommodation and the type of destination that is going to leave you in awe. It needs to be a place unlike any other, and it needs to have you so enchanted during your stay, that you feel as though you have been transported to a whole new world.

As far as beach breakaways go, the destinations that you should expect to visit in 2023 are going to leave you with so many great options that you will have to sit down with our list and carefully go through each and every destination with a fine tooth comb, because you are going to have a hard time not wanting to visit them all!

While you can have too many things, you can never have too many experiences, and in this list, we are featuring the top 5 best beach breakaway destinations of 2023, in no particular order, that will inspire you to renew your passport, book your accommodation and get travelling.

  1. Turquoise Bay, Australia
  2. Eagle Beach, The Caribbean
  3. Plaka Beach, Greece
  4. Golden Palms Beach Resort, Mozambique
  5. Saadiyat Public Beach, Abu Dahbi

1. Turquoise Bay, Australia

For the average traveller, Australia is a little out of reach for just the average beach break. But this list is not for your average holiday planning. Turquoise Bay makes the long hours travelling worth it. This destination is not only magnificently beautiful, but it is also a spot where you can enjoy your favourite beach activities such as snorkelling, and just generally being as lazy as possible.

The beach can be found in Exmouth, and while it is the ideal beach retreat, it is home to some strong currents, so swimming is only advised for those strong enough to handle the currents.

2. Eagle Beach, The Caribbean

You quite possibly would not be able to find a more stereotypically stunning beach destination if you tried. For centuries, the various islands of The Caribbean have become well known for being the ultimate place for a beach holiday.

In 2023, one of the places set to be the most popular destinations for a beach vacation will be Eagle Beach, in Aruba. It borders the Caribbean Sea and it as you might have guessed by the name, it has been popular for some time, even immortalised in song.

3. Plaka Beach, Greece

There is a certain magic about Greece. The beaches here are outstandingly beautiful, especially when paired with the exquisite surrounding beauty. Plaka Beach is not connected to the mainland, instead it is on one of the least visited Greek Islands, Naxos, which is in the South Aegean region of Greece.

Along with soaking up the sun on Plaka Beach, which stretches some 2.5 miles and includes some amazing sand dunes, the area is boasts ancient buildings. If you do intend to visit this beach destination, be aware that there is a section of the beach that is nudist-friendly.

4. Guinjata Bay, Golden Palms Beach Resort, Mozambique

Of all the African nations that share the continent’s eastern coastline, Mozambique is the only one that can proudly claim a tropical status. All along the coast and especially in the more remote areas, there are the untouched beaches, the gentle sound of palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze, and, of course, water sports.

One destination waiting to be explored in Mozambique is Guinjata Bay and, more specifically, Golden Palms Beach Resort Mozambique accommodation.

The resort is a one of a kind place and it is not just incredibly beautiful, it is also budget friendly. Golden Palms Beach Resort will give you the best of Mozambique, since it is in quite a remote destination, while it is also not so remote that you will feel stranded in the middle of nowhere.

5. Saadiyat Public Beach, Abu Dhabi

Destinations in the Middle East are taking the spotlight from many of the more conventional beach holiday destinations and for good reason. The beaches and clear oceans are like an oasis in an otherwise desert landscape, and that paired with the almost year round summer heat makes a destination like Saadiyat Public Beach in Abu Dhabi an unforgettable place to have a beach breakaway.

This beach is a few miles away from the mainland and gives guests the most exquisite views as well as a relaxed holiday atmosphere, especially when visiting one of the area’s private beaches.