The Top 7 Mozambique Beach Resort Activities

Planning your next summer vacation and looking to book Mozambique accommodation? Get everything you can out of your visit by jotting down these great Mozambique Beach Resort activities and make memories from the moment your toes hit those white sandy beaches.

1. Scuba Diving – The Scuba Divers Paradise

Guinjata Bay is sacred to many diving enthusiasts who return regularly to the area to frequent the many amazing dive sites to be found off-shore. There are local dive sites and also deep dive sites that are well worth learning more about and an excellent local dive centre with great Mozambique diving packages. Check out our activities page for more about these dive sites.

Scuba diving in mozambique - Mozamique accommodation - Guinjane lodge

2. Rock & Surf Fishing – Make memories from the rocks

Many people can recall moments spent on the rocks or in the surf with their fathers and Mozambique makes for excellent fishing right off-shore to continue that tradition of passing on the skills.

Sunset over the ocean after a successful day of fishing - Mozambique Holidays - Guinjane Lodge

3. Snorkelling – Get back to the present

Objects may appear larger than at surface level. Humans have a sensational need to explore and as your schedule opens up wide as your holiday in Mozambique begins, that need comes to the fore. Snorkelling is a splendid way to deeply re-connect with the rhythms, textures and intricacies of nature and pause your internal dialogue script to actually bring you into the present.

Underwater Image while snorkeling - Guinjane Lodge

4. Deep-sea angling – Hook the big one from the depths

Looking for something a bit more out to sea? Why not consider a deep-sea angling, the favoured pastime of many a dad. It’s the perfect way to commune with nature and your fellow man while escaping from the humdrum of the ‘landlubbers’, if only for a day.

Deep-sea fishing at Guinjane Lodge - Guinjane Lodge

5. Inshore Saltwater Fly Fishing – Cast into new waters

Fly-fishing isn’t just relegated to cold high-veld towns and small lakes and some lovely pounds you know. In fact an entire sport is built around both near-shore and off-shore saltwater fly-fishing. The nice thing about it is that you can translate your trout and salmon fishing skills easily into the salt water environment, as casting accuracy is the same whether in a chalk stream or ocean.

snorkeling at the two mile reef in mozambique - Mozambique Accommodation - Guinjane Lodge

6. Laze at the beach – The sweetness of doing nothing

‘Dolce far niente’ is Italian for the ‘sweetness of doing nothing’ or pleasant idleness and when on holiday, this actually counts as a solid to-do. There is an art to it in that one must completely enjoy being in the moment and not fret or worry about things outside of one’s control. You are also multi-tasking while lying in the sun as you are soaking up Vitamin D through the sun’s rays and working on a tan. You can switch lying around with floating in the ocean or in a swimming pool.

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7. Kayaking – Be the master of your own fate

A beckoning sea and rolling waves call you to the water on the daily in Mozambique, how you can you not obey? Mozambique has spectacular opportunities for animal interactions near shore including whales and dolphins in certain seasons and some amazing coral dive sites, and kayaking gets you amongst it all with little fuss if you just want to have a look-see. Alternatively get out there for the exercise pump and stretch those sea arms against the ocean swell on your own or with a few friends.

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