Top 3 Best Mozambique Accommodation Reviews

When you go on holiday, you live in a temporary home at the holiday location. This temporary home needs to be up to your and your family’s standards, and the best way of finding out if it is, is through reviews. We have put together the Top 5 Best Mozambique Accommodation Reviews of all time, to help you decide if it’s worth it or not. Reading reviews of holiday resorts is forgotten or ignored by many, but a simple review of someone else’s experience is the best thing you could ask for when choosing accommodation. You as a holiday goer can gain valuable insight about a resort, without even being there (almost like a superpower). Reviews can also answer questions that you have such as “Is this lodge accessible with a small family car?” or “Do they have Mosquito Nets?” Imagine booking a unit in a ‘nice’ resort in Mozambique but upon arrival, you find out there are no mosquito nets. You can really save yourself a lot of disappointment by just having a look at what your fellow humans have to say online.  So, without further ado, Review Number one:

Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge Review:

“Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge is the best place to stay in Guinjata Bay. Everything works and everything is clean. Service with a smile every day. You will not be disappointed. Easy access, close to the main beach and dive center. Generator on site for those powerless days. Stunning views. Great hosts, will support them going forward with a smile. The tan might fade but the memories will last a lifetime!”

There as so many key accommodation factors that can be taken from this single review on Golden Palms Beach Resort and Lodge . You now know that the staff is friendly, everything works, that you’re close to the beach and that they provide you with electricity when there is a shortage. With great reviews, comes great service – Book your Mozambique Accommodation now.

Guinjane Lodge - Mozambique Accommodation

Zona Braza Beach Lodge Review:

“Great resort with nice restaurant and spectacular views of the ocean and whales. Very friendly hostess and staff. Comfortable and clean chalets. Swimming pools and beautiful beach bar. Definitely a must-stop if you are traveling to Mozambique. Fabulous beach and reef with amazing sunset view over a fresh water lake. Well-equipped and definitely above the average compared to surrounding establishments”

For all those interested in whale watching, by reading this review, you just found your perfect Mozambique accommodation. For more info on Zona Braza Beach Lodge, visit their website –

 Ibo Island Lodge Review:

“I stayed at the lodge for 14 nights and my purpose was diving. I completed 22 dives around IBO, Quirimbas and Mjumbe island. The lodge is a home far from home and the staff became my family. The room was great and I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep. Their Food couldn’t be better, served with a unique view and mangrove trees all around. Diving here became one of my top 5 experiences that I had around the globe. I had an amazing 2 weeks.”

For all those interested in diving in some of the most breathtaking dive sites in the world, here’s your chance. For more info on Ibo Island Lodge, Visit their website –

Ibo Island Lodge - Mozambique Accommodation