Traveling to Mozambique from South Africa – Health & Safety Mozambique Travel Regulations

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With the international border posts allowing South African, and Mozambican, citizens to travel between the two neighboring countries, here are the rules, regulations, tips and Mozambique Covid-19 Travel Advice you need to know regarding your health and safety.

Rules and Regulations regarding Mozambique/South Africa border crossing:

1. A negative Covid-19 PCR test is required, per person, to cross the International border post. This excludes children under the age of 11. It is important to note that the test is only valid for crossing within the first 72 hours since receiving the test results.

2. Your negative test result is valid, according to “Drive Moz” and “Moz info”, for 14 days from the date of issue of the test result, and therefore you can now return to South Africa or Mozambique using the same test result you entered the country with, within the 14-day window.

3. South African passport holders are permitted to enter Mozambique, without a Visa, as per before the Covid-19 pandemic. Individuals from other countries should be aware that there will be no Visas issued at the Mozambique border post, i.e. European or American passport.

Information about Covid-19 Test Requirements:

Test results are checked on both sides of the border and in terms of the regulations, it has to be the original test results and have to be signed by the lab technician/doctor who performed the test. Furthermore, the test results must have a stamp from the laboratories that conducted the test – in full color. Covid-19 tests are however not required for children under the age of 11. Mozambique officials are accepting results in English, however, make sure to have English copies of your results for the South African border.


1. It is imperative to note that the current law in Mozambique requires that all international travelers are required to self-quarantine on entry to Mozambique. While this seems to only being monitored actively for travelers arriving by air it is advisable to be aware of the requirement to home quarantine after international travel. The Mozambican Government will provide clarity hereto, at a later stage.

2. Border posts are occasionally momentarily closed for sanitizing when officials have tested positive for Covid-19.

3. Wearing of protective face masks is essential.

4. Make use of your own 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

5. Patience is required, as the new implementation of Covid-19 regulations and protocols will slow down the time it will take to cross the border, it is done for your health and safety.

All Covid-19 protocols are to be adhered to within both countries. It is important to realize that traveling to and from Mozambique is not without complications due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the safety of its travelers is their top concern.

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